Serving test takers with
disabilities worldwide


WOHL has been assisting test takers for over 20 years. Our experience gives us a vast understanding of their needs and allows us to seek improved methods of serving the education industry.

The WOHL Network includes service providers who assist as:
  • Readers
  • Recorders (amanuenses/scribes)
  • Oral transliterators
  • Sign language interpreters
  • Foreign language on-site interpreters
  • Foreign language translators
  • Proctors (invigilators) and exam administrators
  • Audio and visual producers of exam questions and instructions
  • Instruction in writing for blind test takers
  • Consultants for Braille usage and Braille production
  • "Secret Shoppers" for quality assurance services
  • Academic integrity teams

WOHL operates an extensive global network of over 7,000 professional service providers in the USA and over 102 countries. Our highly qualified providers are professionally recruited, selected and trained to:

  • Provide authorized services to test takers
  • Protect the privacy of the test takers
  • Assure the integrity of the examination questions
  • Protect the security of the entire examination process
Among the languages in which we have worked are: