Serving test takers with
disabilities worldwide

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WOHL understands our clients’ need for:

  • Clear, consistent and accurate pronunciation, reading, interpretation and translation of exams
  • Security and integrity of the exam questions and the exam process

WOHL recruits all of our service providers and trains them to commit to:

  • Meeting the highest standards of accommodation assistance, professional conduct and behavior
  • Protecting the integrity and security of the examination process
  • Protecting the privacy of every test taker
Our clients choose us because of:
  • Our unparalleled experience in the testing industry
  • Our commitment to strictly adhere to the Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Our goal to diligently provide qualified accommodations to disabled test takers
  • Our commitment to protect the security of the entire examination process
  • Our global presence in the USA and over 102 countries with more than 7,000 service providers
  • The exceptional quality and accuracy of our services
  • The ease, efficiency and security of our online database